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① Little cho doll
② Ellen's make up
③ Harmish dress set
- dress
- black mini shawl
- bonnet
- lace knee socks
④ Rosy brown mohair wig
⑤ basic box


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- Since Little Cho’s head painting is all hand-made, a tiny bit of difference can be appeared.

- Little Cho’s head color can vary depending on its model year.

- We check all products’ quality before shipping.





- DO NOT rub the product roughly or wipe with water. It can erase your doll’s painting

- Body parts can be stained by some clothes. DO NOT put dark-and-vivid-colored dress on it for a long-term storage. Always put white underwear on it to prevent stain.

- DO NOT swallow little parts by mistake. It can block your airway. Especially, if you have children, keep them out of children’s eyes

- This product is for higher than 15-year-old.

- Compensation will not be available for your loss or damaging of parts while you open the package.

- DO NOT treat it roughly, for example throwing or wielding.

- Be careful not to prick your skin or eyes with its sharp point.

- Do NO press the doll too hard or try to move its driving parts by force. It can cause damage.

- DO NOT put the doll near sunlight and high temperature areas such as near fire, heating instruments or inside the car. It can transform the body.

- It requires careful handling to avoid damages or unpredictable accidents.

- If you have any problems or questions regarding body parts, please contact Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing 

(Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Web site, Email



Head parts: Head, Head cap, Velcro

Head material: Head RESIN, Fixing magnet NdFeB

Body Product: Obitsu 23BD-F02W

Body parts: 3 sets of hand parts interchangeable (Each set contains left and right hands), 2 fixing adaptors for head

Body material: Body ABS resin, upper body cover PVC, joint spindle POM, Hands PVC or TPE





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